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Arley Tile and Flooring

Explore is only interested in working with a small group of dedicated wholesalers that will be our exclusive suppliers. One of my primary concerns in choosing our wholesalers is their knowledge of our region, which is the reason Arley kept coming up as a leader in the industry and the top choice of potential tile and flooring suppliers.

The Arley story starts in 1935 in Scranton Pennsylvania when a man named Irving Levy opened a paint store. Soon linoleum flooring was a growing trend, and Irving saw the potential of adding a line of linoleum flooring to his offerings, so he took on a partner, Franklin Arndt and “Ar-Ley” wholesale were born.

Soon, the flooring business was far overshadowing their paint business, so Irving and Franklin dropped the paint and began to focus on flooring. With the addition of the second generation of partners, the company grew and expanded to cover most of New York and Pennsylvania. During the 1960s, the home decorator industry emerge and became one of their main sources of income, so Arley shifted focus again and became a strictly wholesale supplier.

Since 1999, Arley has focused solely on hard surface tiles and flooring options, rising to be the number one East Coast wholesaler of Tile, Stone, Glass, and Metal flooring options. Their success is attributed to strong family ties, willingness to promote key leaders from within and adhering to these three principles, which represent my philosophy as well.

With those principles, a long history in our region, and dedication to their business partners, I knew that I could count on Arley to have my customer’s backs. I was ready to sign them up, even before I took a look at their products but was equally impressed by their staggering array of tile and flooring options, with products for sale across all of their brands. The average home improvement center will have fewer than 500 tile samples on hand, to give you an idea of how vast this is.

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What makes Arley Unique?

Arley’s Website Presents a Deep Dive Into Tile

To fully appreciate the level of detail Arley puts into their purchasing and sales decisions, you have to experience their website. For a first time visitor, the site is a bit daunting. You’ll find it’s comfortably broken down into product groupings by product type, or look.

Arley Works With Almost Two Dozen Tile Manufacturers

Although Arley produces some extraordinary tiles, they want to offer the best in every category. To accomplish that, Arley works with tile manufacturing experts to supply every kind of tile, giving them the ability to focus on what they do best, wholesale distribution. This allows small businesses like me, to give customers like you what you want and need.

Arley’s Website Presents a Deep Dive Into Tile

With “Explore First” as our motto, we take giving you the best design options seriously. No one beats Arley Wholesalers when it comes to this. Without ever leaving your home, the Arley website gives you the opportunity to view and compare literally hundreds of different options in the rooms and settings commonly found in American homes.

Our Wholesalers

Cherry Street Building Supply

Cherry Street Building Supply, located in Culpeper, VA, has been serving the community and surrounding areas since 1960. They are known for providing high-quality building materials and exceptional customer service, distinguishing themselves from larger chain stores by offering personalized attention to each customer. They supply a wide range of materials necessary for building a house from top to bottom and are willing to special order items they don’t have in stock. Their inventory includes both interior and exterior building supplies, from insulation, drywall, cabinetry, and flooring to #1 grade lumber for outdoor projects. Additionally, Cherry Street Building Supply assists customers in finding trusted, licensed contractors for their projects, ensuring professional and timely project completion. They pride themselves on fast and easy material delivery, typically within one to two days, and are responsive in resolving any order issues to respect their customers’ schedules

What Makes Cherry Street Building Supply Unique?

Personalized Customer Experience

Cherry Street Building Supply stands out for its personalized approach, offering individualized service and attention to each customer since 1960. This commitment to understanding and meeting specific project needs sets them apart from larger chain stores, ensuring a more tailored and satisfying customer experience.

Quality Products and Expert Services

With a comprehensive selection of both interior and exterior building materials, Cherry Street Building Supply serves as a one-stop-shop for construction and renovation needs. They extend their service beyond supplies by connecting customers with a network of trusted, professional contractors, ensuring high-quality outcomes for any project.

Community Commitment and Efficient Delivery

Deeply rooted in Culpeper, VA, and dedicated to serving the surrounding communities, Cherry Street Building Supply emphasizes a strong community focus. They underscore this commitment with prompt and reliable material delivery services, aiming to support project timelines and enhance overall customer satisfaction.