Answers to Our Customer’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to home remodeling, kitchen and bath projects are some of the most technical. While it’s not rocket science, it can be quite a bit more complicated than you’d think from watching home improvement television.

That’s where we come in. Many of the questions asked by our customers are similar, so we’ve grouped the most common questions here and we’ll answer them for you. If you still have questions after reading this, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re happy to provide more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do your services cost and how do you compare to the competition?

First, let’s get this out of the way, we have never, and will never, aim to be the lowest priced kitchen and bathroom remodelers. In fact, choosing your remodeler strictly on price is a good way to be disappointed with the outcome.

Of course, price is important, and we strive to bring you the most competitive price for mid-level luxury grade kitchen and bath remodeling in the Northern Virginia region. What does that mean? For one, we’re very transparent about our pricing and itemize each piece of the project. When we provide our quote, you can be rest assured it was based on custom specifications from your kitchen or bath, and not just some generic “package”.

At Explore Granite & Quartz, we compete on quality, service, and overall customer experience – not on price. At the end of the day, your home is worth more than saving a few dollars. We’re reliable and dedicated to installing the perfect kitchen or bath for you and we won’t sacrifice quality.

We also work to give you the most accurate quotes possible. That means you won’t have additional costs cropping up in the middle of your project, or extra expenses at the end of your job. Our price is our price.

We can offer this because of the exclusive relationships we build with our installers and wholesalers.

How do you know if a contractor is trustworthy?

You don’t. In reality, even working with a licensed, bonded and insured contracting company such as Explore requires some faith on your part. That’s why we are happy to feature client testimonials and provide references from your neighbors who’ve used our service.

Just because a contractor gives you a great estimate, and seems knowledgeable, doesn’t mean they’ll show up on time, or even at all. Often this leaves you with little recourse since even a small claims judgment might not get your remodel finished.

Whatever the case may be, you have to keep yourself safe and make sure you hire a competent contractor.

Where are you located?

Our showroom is located in McLean, VA. However, we service the greater Northern VA and DC Metro regions.

Our showroom address is 1660 International Dr, Suite 600, McLean, VA 22102. Call us at 703-962-7510 to book an appointment before arriving. Call today or email [email protected] for your free in-home estimate.

Aren’t all contractors the same?


In fact, some are so bad that an entire television series called “To Catch a Contractor” is dedicated to revealing the terrible, and sometimes criminal, business practices they use.

As in most industries, most contractors are decent, reliable people who generally do good work (even a good contractor can have an off day). But, what you want is a contractor who not only does great work but will own their mistakes and make them right.

Why do contractors lie about or low-ball their original quotes?

Many times it’s not a lie. If a clear “scope of work” isn’t laid out from the beginning, there can be a huge difference between what you expect, and what your contractor is bidding to provide.

Another factor is their desire to do business. They see every job as a contest they must win, even if it means submitting an impossibly low bid, then end up raising the price on the back end to get the job done.

Most don’t do this out of any desire to “rip people off” but the outcome is the same. They’re molding themselves to what they think is your budget, even if you can afford more. They’re not looking to provide the best fit at the best price, because they’re not confident in their ability to compete on anything but price.

You’ve heard the old adage “You get what you pay for”. Nowhere is this truer than in home renovation, especially kitchen and bath remodeling. You will get exactly what you pay for every time.

With Explore, we work hard to set the expectations and specifications for your job upfront, so you know exactly what you can expect for the price we quote. We often offer more than one option to show you how we can increase value, often for much less than you think.

Do you really think your company is the best?

There are many excellent contractors in our business, we wouldn’t be the reliable, helpful and honest people we’ve worked hard to become if we didn’t admit that. We care about each customer and work hard to provide them with kitchen and bath solutions that really fit their needs and budget.

Defining who the best contractor for your project is largely up to you. We are here to serve the mid-level luxury kitchen and bath market to the very best of our abilities. Not every homeowner in Northern Virginia is our ideal customer. We work with those who feel we are the best fit and our happy customers will attest to this.

We named our company Explore Granite in part because we want to invite our customers to explore their options. We want you to do due diligence. We work with a limited number of exclusive wholesalers and service providers because we want to control the quality of our service and products. We feel confident that you’ll find us to be the best overall value.

Have questions? Want to know more about who we are and how we stand behind our work? Great! We invite you to reach out via phone or email and let’s start a conversation about your kitchen and bath needs. Let’s get to know each other a little better and find out if Explore is the best company for your upcoming projects.

I need to replace my bathroom vanities and flooring. Can you help with that?

Of course. We take a wide variety of job sizes. We don’t sell packages, or “one size fits all” solution. We have a wide variety of vanities from Fabuwood cabinets and our relationship with Arley wholesale gives you over 10,000 tile and flooring options to choose from.

Contact us today to schedule your free appointment.

I can’t decide if I want Granite or Quartz countertops. Which one is best?

Hi, this is Jason, CEO of Explore. For me, the answer is easy. I prefer granite because it is an entirely natural stone. But, beyond personal preference, this is a nearly impossible question to answer, there are many factors, including the look, feel, usage requirements, and maintenance you have to keep in mind for your countertops.

We wrote an article about this exact topic.

How many options for countertops, tiles, and flooring do you have?

The short answer is over 10,000! We build exclusive relationships with wholesalers in our region to bring you a great selection of products. Our primary wholesalers going into the year 2020 are Marble Systems in Fairfax, VA, Spectrum Quartz in Chantilly, VA, Silestone Quartz in Sterling, VA, and MSI Surfaces, also in Sterling, VA. We’ve built pages on our website to introduce each of our suppliers, and we invite you to take a look at their online resources as well.

Do you offer faucets and sinks and other accessories as well, or do I need to purchase that separately?

We have an amazing catalog of sinks and gorgeous designer taps and faucets for all applications. We’d love to help you explore some of the many options we offer.

I’d like to update my cabinets at the same time as my countertops. Can I purchase cabinets from you?

Yes! Here at Explore Granite & Quartz, we are specialists in countertop AND cabinet design and installation. We work with two of the best cabinet manufacturers in the US, CliqStudios, and Fabuwood.

Learn more here.

Do you just do the installation?

No, in fact, we’ve chosen to focus on kitchen and bath solutions, the entire processes of them. We also have some amazing design tools that allow you to try out the look and feel of our products in a few other rooms in your home.

We work with a group of exclusive wholesalers to provide some of the best options in kitchen and bath upgrades, from the floor to the countertops and backsplash and everything in between. Our combined product line offers over 10,000 products from tile to countertops, cabinetry, and fixtures. If you’re looking for the best value in kitchen and bath, no need to look anywhere else, we’ve got you covered.

Do you charge a rescheduling fee?

No. Life happens and we understand. We’ll provide you with a list of things you can do to prepare for our crews. Taking these steps helps us create a secure worksite and create a safe working environment for our crews. In most cases, this means installations can start on time. But we know that limited mobility, busy schedules and even a lack of understanding of the requirements can cause issues.

We want to make sure your installation goes forward on schedule, but in the event that a delay, or reschedule is inevitable, we won’t charge you extra. If your site isn’t ready on the scheduled day, we work with you to create the working environment required for a successful install.

Many other contractors use a hefty rescheduling fee as an incentive to make sure delays don’t happen. At Explore, we’re proud to say we don’t charge any such fees.

Do you charge a cancellation fee?

As with our rescheduling fee, we understand that things don’t always work out as planned. While we don’t have a set cancellation fee, we do ask that materials, supplies, and products ordered for your job are paid for by you. This is non-negotiable on custom orders. However, we don’t generally charge a cancellation fee on top of that.