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Flooring is a fantastic way to transform any room, but with so many styles, how do you know the right option for your home? To withstand the day-to-day demands of life, you want to ensure your floors are robust and look as beautiful as possible.

Whether you are installing them yourself or you are using the services of tile contractors, finding the right tiles for your home is crucial. There is a wide range of styles available, each with its pros and cons.

Types of flooring

Ceramic Tile

Arguably the most popular solution, ceramic tiles are incredibly hard-wearing & beautiful. Often featuring a durable glaze, they are lightweight and can withstand years of foot traffic. Ceramic tiles do have a higher water absorption rate, so they are not suitable for use outdoors.They also do not retain heat, which can make them cold to the touch during winter!

Porcelain Tile

These clay-based tiles are made from a denser material than ceramic, ensuring they can withstand more damage. Porcelain tile is very common choice for use on floors throughout the home. As they are more resistant to water and can retain heat better, they are suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor uses. Thanks to its robust nature, porcelain tiles can also be used for commercial properties.

Quarry Tile

Although the name can put off some homeowners, quarry tiles are an incredibly hard-wearing solution. Made from minerals such as clay, shale, and feldspar, their low absorption rate makes them an excellent choice for outdoor environments.

Mosaic Tiles

Commonly used in bathrooms and small kitchens, mosaic tiles are an attractive solution for any home. Incredibly popular at the moment, ceramic tiles have very low water absorption while remaining highly durable. Mosaic tiles can last for a very long time.

Stone Tiles

Stone can provide your home with a bold and distinctive look. Materials such as granite and limestone are very robust and can be used both internally and externally. Of course, stone does have some disadvantages compared to other types. Typically, stone tiles are more expensive, and they are not as stain-resistant as clay-based tiles.

Marble Tiles

This luxury option has been used in homes for thousands of years and still looks as stylish today as it has always done. Often requiring professional tile contractors to install, marble tiles often need surface sealer once installed. The material has a naturally porous surface, which, without treatment, can lead to significant damage from spills.

Granite Tiles

Typically used in areas of high footfall, granite is incredibly hard-wearing and durable. The relatively lightweight and easily manipulated material can be shaped to fit any room. It is a porous stone, though, so it will need to be treated with a stain-resistant sealer.

Limestone Tile

The unique style of limestone makes them very popular for homeowners seeking something that stands out from the crowd. Highly durable, limestone has been used for thousands of years and is incredibly scratch resistant. Although typically a popular choice for use in the kitchen, limestone can be used throughout the home.

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