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The U-shaped kitchen is the most versatile layout for kitchens large and small. The plan offers continuous countertops and ample storage. This configuration is a three-walled “U” shaped design with cabinetry and countertops around three sidewalls and an open end for access. It is the most functional and efficient design due to its ideal work triangle layout. The U-shaped kitchen provides efficiency and safety when preparing meals.


Below are a few tips and things to consider for your new U-shaped kitchen:

Tailor the shape to your space – cabinet lengths in a U-shaped kitchen can be approximately the same size or vary in length. Some U-shaped kitchens may have a wall that is shorter than the adjacent two walls


Consider your workflow – for the best and most efficient work triangle, place the range or cooktop, refrigerator, and sink on adjacent walls and counter surfaces. Place the sink and any tall appliances (refrigerator and ovens) opposite of each other and on wings or ends of the “U”. 


Consider the location of your primary kitchen sink – If one of the walls in the U-shape has a window that is ideally best to place the kitchen sink under the window to allow in the natural light. In addition, if possible, it is best to locate the primary sink in the center between the range and refrigerator to create the best functioning work triangle, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association and guidelines.


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Consider the location and position of your range/cooktop – placing the range or cooktop on the center wall of the U, creates an ideal focal point location to feature an eye-catching decorative hood above the cooking appliance. Consider featuring one of Dura Supreme Cabinetry’s beautiful wood hoods – you can locate different style options here.


Add or create a peninsula – typically, U-shaped kitchens consist of three walls, which can be restricting and separate one from socializing with guests in other areas. If the spaces allow, extend one of the legs of the “U” out into an open area, thus creating a peninsula that can incorporate seating and foster socialization to an adjacent room in the home. U-shaped kitchens are a great option for open-plan concepts because it allows guests to socialize with their host but also provide physical separation between the kitchen and adjacent spaces.


Maximize corner storage – since U-shaped kitchens have two corners designed into the space, consider your corner storage options. Lazy Susan and blind corner cabinets with internal storage take advantage of those corner areas that once used to be quite cumbersome.


You can explore some of the corner storage options from our Wolf Cabinets wholesale partner here:  Wolf Kitchen Cabinetry


Auxiliary Island – As stated previously, If space allows, adding an auxiliary island (stationed or mobile) can provide extra storage and countertop surface to utilize when prepping meals. Maintain a minimum of 36” of walkway space between all sides of the island and perimeter cabinetry walls.


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