The Explore Granite & Quartz team offers two options for an initial consultation. You can drop by our design studio in Tysons, VA at 1660 International Dr., Suite 600, for a peek at our digital design tools and Explore samples of our products. Or, we can come to you. By meeting in your home, we get the chance to actually explore the options in your existing space, take initial measurements, and shortcut scheduling a second meeting to get dimensions and site specifications before pricing.

“Explore First” is more than just a motto with us at Explore Granite and Quartz, and we love it when clients come into our initial consultation with a good idea of what products we offer and what kind of kitchen, or bath upgrades they would like to see installed for them. That’s why the Explore Kitchen and Bath Visualizers are free to use on our site. Take your time, do your due diligence and when you’re ready, we’ll be happy to walk you through the process.



If you dropped by our studio for your initial consultation, we’ll need to get exact dimensions to ensure proper estimates and fit. This is especially important for countertops. That’s why we bring our Laser Express digital measuring equipment into your kitchen or bath for accurate measurements up to 1 mm. We also use a proprietary template that allows us to cut your countertops perfect the first time for easy installation.

While we’re there, we’ll get a few pictures of your existing kitchen and bath for cabinet count and layout. Working with your existing space allows us to give you the best options that will fit in your kitchen or bath. Explore Granite & Quartz focuses on countertops, tile, and cabinets. We can price one, or all three.

Once you’ve decided on the parameters of your project, it’s time for you to go shopping through our amazing options of countertops, cabinets, and tile. We’ve got some great guides to help you make those decisions, and we’re always willing to offer guidance. Explore our product lines and decide which options are best for you. We’ll use your choices to provide an accurate estimate of the project cost.


Fabrication and Ordering

Once we have a precise custom template for your countertops, and count on cabinets, tile and sinks you may need, we’ll set up a countertop fabrication order, and put in orders with our exclusive wholesalers. Working with local suppliers means we cut time and shipping costs, plus we get you the best options, from neighbors you can trust.

While tile, cabinets, and sinks are generally available for delivery, each stone countertop is manufactured to fit your kitchen or bath precisely. Our supplier sends your slab to our installers workshop, where it will be cut, shaped, ground and polished to fit your custom template perfectly. It will arrive with sink-holes, edges, seams and other machining complete, for the easiest installation.

Once your materials have all arrived, we’ll be ready to start the final phase of your project!



While your countertops are being perfected, our team of dedicated installers will begin work on your tile and cabinet needs. Explore Granite & Quartz is a Virginia License A contractor, licensed, bonded, and insured to manage all phases of your project. Our installation teams have decades of experience and are the top recommended local installers from each wholesale brand we provide, to ensure you get the best service on time, every time. The teams we partner with understand our process and products and are selected for their customer-first approach to home improvement.

Since all of our teams are in-house, we run a tight ship when it comes to scheduling and completing your work with minimum interruption to your busy life. We understand that the kitchen and bath are the heart of your home and we want to give you the best in mid-grade luxury fixtures with as little fuss as possible.

Your job is not complete until we return your kitchen and bath to the same sparkling condition we found it in, and once it passes our quality inspection, we’ll install one coat of sealer over all stone surfaces to keep it looking as good as it started for years to come.